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GigLights Premium Lighting Rig by Chauvet - Lighting

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Intimidator Spot 260 (4PCS)
Give your mobile performances some lighting punch with the feature-packed Intimidator Spot 260. It features a 75W LED and motorized focus that lets you project crisp gobos from nearly any distance.

Feature-packed moving head fitted with a 75W LED designed for mobile performances

DMX Channels: 8 or 14

a durable carry bag designed to easily transport a pair of Intimidator Spot 255 or 260 IRC fixtures. Its hard shell exterior protects your investment and the custom interior molds lock the fixtures in place during transportation.

Hard shell exterior protects your investment

Compatible with: Intimidator Spot 255 IRC and Intimidator Spot 260

SlimPAR 56 (16PCS)
SlimPAR 56 is an LED wash light in a sleek white or black housing. Powered by 108 red, green and blue LEDs, it blends into any décor with ease.

LED Par designed for any application in need of a compact wash light

DMX Channels: 3 or 7

Totem - Moving Head Light, Speaker, Flower Stand (4PCS)

Rockville RTP32B Totem Pole Moving Head Light Stand+Black+White Scrims+Carry Bag

Water-Based 800W Hazer (1PCS)

The Haze 800 DMX delivers haze effects custom-tailored to your exact requirements. DMX functions give you advanced programming options and complete control over every aspect of the unit’s performance.

800W hazer
Small footprint

DMX Channels: 2